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2021 Timetable

3yo groups are Blue*.
4yo groups are Red, Green and Orange.
Preschool Plus is an unfunded extra day of early childhood education delivered by a qualified teacher and educator (see below).

2022 Indicative Timetable:

We currently plan to continue with the same timetable in 2022. Depending on feedback from prospective families, we may simplify our 3yo program to only offer the long-day (12h/week) option. Check back here later in the year to confirm any changes.

2021 Fees:

In response to the unique circumstances posed by COVID-19, the government has rolled out additional support for kindergarten services in 2021. This includes offering ‘Free Kinder’ for 4yo, and co-contributing to the 3yo program. These arrangements are limited to 2021.

3 year old program (Government co-contribution): 8 hours per week, $220 per term
3 year old long day program (Government co-contribution): 12 hours per week, $560 per term
4 year old (Government ‘Free Kinder’ program): 15 hours per week FREE
Preschool Plus (not government subsidised): 7.5 hours per week, $620 per term

In 2021, our normal Maintenance levy of $150/year/family will not apply due to changes in government funding.

2022 Fees:

Indicative fees for next year are (subject to confirmation):

3 year old program (Government partial subsidy): 8 hours per week, $330 per term
3 year old long day program (Government partial subsidy): 12 hours per week, $670 per term
4 year old (Government subsidised): 15 hours per week, $545 per term
Preschool Plus (not Government subsidised): 7.5 hours per week, $630 per term

A Maintenance Levy of $150/yr will apply per family, which covers all children and programs the family enrol in. In 2022 the Levy will be charged in full with Term 1 Fees, and will be refunded in subsequent Term invoices where families provide service at Working Bees or other designated events/tasks for the kinder.

How to Enrol:

Children are eligible to enrol in 3yo preschool if they turn 3 by the 30th of April, and can attend onsite once they have had their 3rd birthday. Children can attend 4yo preschool if they turn 4 by the 30th of April.

All 3yo and 4yo year old enrolments are managed by Banyule City Council. Applications must be made online at and will be accepted from 1st March in the year prior to the child attending – eg. if planning to attend in 2022, applications will be accepted online from 1st March 2021.

Banyule allocates places according to the Department of Education and Trainings (DET) priority of access and Banyule Councils Kindergarten Central Registration policy. Banyule sends Round 1 offers to families in mid-July via email and the parent portal. Subsequent Rounds of offers are made through August. In around September, once all rounds of offers are finalised, Banyule will provide us a list of children allocated places at Panorama Heights. We will contact those families with specific enrolment information and to request a deposit of 50% of Term 1 fee to secure your spot.

Panorama Heights Preschool directly manages enrolment in our private Preschool Plus program. All families allocated places by Banyule in our 3yo and 4yo programs will be able to express interest in attending this extra day at kinder when confirming your enrolment with us in September. Places are allocated according to our Enrolment and Orientation Policy.